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Why You Need The Services Of A Lawyer

You can think unless you have to go to court due to some serious civil or criminal troubles you do not need to know a lawyer as you are not going to need the services of a lawyer. However, this is not true. There are plenty of instances in your life where you need to have at least the consultation of a lawyer. Therefore, you cannot just overlook the importance of knowing a good law firm or a good lawyer or two when you need one.
Here are some of the circumstances in life during which you will need the service or at least the advice of a legal professional.

To Make Sure You Are Dealing with Property Correctly

The act of conveyancing is not something you should ever consider lightly. This involves changing the legal titles of a property. So, this could be you changing the legal title of a property you own to someone else or someone changing the legal title of a property they own to your name. If the proper procedure is not followed the document you sign can become not legal. That can be problematic. If you have paid money to buy a property and legal title change has not happened correctly you have lost your money and not gained the property too. Only a lawyer can make sure everything happens in the right manner.

To Represent You in a Court of Law for Court Cases

There can also be times when you have to appear in court due to some civil or criminal charges. Even if you are not guilty of any wrongdoing you have to be there and to make sure no one is going to take advantage of you, you need a lawyer you trust to represent you.

To Take Care of Legal Matters after You Pass Away

Ones you pass away your family deserves to have what you had as property or money. For that to happen in the way you want it to happen you have to write your final wishes on a paper following the right procedure and get it signed by witnesses. Only a talented wills and probate lawyers can make sure what you wish for is not going to be challenged by making these wishes a fully acceptable legal document.In this way, in every little part of your life, you will find situations where you need the service or the legal consultation of a lawyer. Therefore, it is very important to know such a lawyer or a law firm which can help you. Click here to view more about lawyers and their services.

Fee Agreements Used By Solicitors

When it comes to fees, each solicitor has his own preference. Therefore, clients who need the services offered by the lawyers must be willing to understand the terms regarding fee agreements before engaging them. All agreements between the lawyers and their clients must be in writing. During the first meeting, lawyers often ask for a payment of some fee. Thereafter, the client shall have to make a regular payment based on the schedule that the lawyer has established. The lawyer might recommend hourly or fixed rate. Some lawyers some lawyers ask for a statutory fee, while others prefer contingency fees, as many go for retainer fees.

The fixed or standard fee is a favorite of many solicitors. This form of paying fees is a favorite of many law companies and legal clinics. It is very popular when lawyers are handling legal matters they consider routine. Examples of such routine matters include the drawing of a will or handling any uncontested divorce case. However, the client who agrees to pay the standard fee must always endeavor to gain a much better understanding of the contents of the agreement. He must understand what the fee covers. He might be mistaken to think that the fee covers a certain item, only to discover that this is not the case.

The hourly fee agreements or rates differ from one lawyer to the next. Before calculating the total fees, ask the lawyer for an estimate regarding the time the case shall take. After making this calculation, the next step would be to break total fee down into hourly rates. Clients should strive to understand the hourly rates they shall be paying from the first day. The client should never leave such an issue to chances. Never postpone the question to a later date. The client might also come across a law firm that asks for retainer fees. The beauty of the retainer fees is that the lawyer guarantees he shall be available to work on the client’s case and leave all the others.

A client who needs binding financial agreement in Victoria regarding personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice or lawsuits that involve monetary claims has a very high chance of being asked by the attorney to pay contingency fees. This type of fee is good, since it means that the client shall only pay a certain percentage if the lawyer wins the case. If the lawyer settles the matter out of court, the client shall be liable to pay the contingency fee. Any successful resolution of the legal matter shall require the client to make the requisite payment. The downside is that the client is liable to pay all court-related costs.

Finally, the statutory fee is common with certain law companies, lawyers and legal matters. The statutory fee is not at the behest of the lawyer. It is a matter of the statutes or law. What this means is that the court is responsible for setting the lawyer’s fee. Alternatively, the court has the final say and offers its approval or disapproval of the fee. Remember that all fee agreements between clients and their lawyers must be in writing. Where the matter is not subject to a contingency fee, the client should expect to pay hourly fees, retainer fees or statutory fees, which fall within the ambit of non-contingency fees. To know more about family lawyers Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, visit