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Mistakes That Will Endanger The Quality Of Your Normal Vision

Often in our day to day activities, there are many practices that we embrace, some intentionally, others unintentionally, that can seriously hinder the quality of our vision. It is important therefore to single out some of these harmful practices so that you can avoid doing the below mentioned things and make sure that you are actively contributing to keep your vision in top notch condition.

Not going in for your annual vision examination

Most of us do not have time we say or we just ignore going to the doctor each year to get our vision checked because we feel that there are no issues with our vision and therefore why spend time and money for a routine check-up. You vision is one of the most important sensory organs in your body and you should never take their health for granted. Going to an annual checkup will ensure that you get fair warning if your muscles are tired, if there is too much pressure or if there are oncoming vision problems which can then be easily solved without the need to get into measures such as appropriate laser eye surgery. Do not make excuses, instead make time. 

Wearing liner the wrong way

Liner is risky business when it comes to your vision according to vision care experts. The majority of makeup artists state that they only apply the liner outside of the lids. But, when you do you makeup by yourself, are you careful enough to do this as well or do you just put it along your waterline? Doing this can cause the makeup particles to get dissolved to a certain extent in your tears which can then suffocate the cornea especially if you wear contacts. Even if that is not the case, you will still be transferring germs that can sit inside the tube of a liquid liner. Do you think it’s worth it to wear liner at the risk of having to foot the laser eye surgery cost as well if something should go wrong? Be careful.

Rubbing and touching impulsively

We often feel the need to itch or rub for whatever reason and if this is the case, it is best to keep the lids close and to just apply a gentle amount of pressure from your hands only. Also remember to wash or sanitize your hands before you do this in order to ensure that you are not transferring any germs to the cornea. Your hands gather dirt, grime and bacteria all the time, rubbing with your lids open will definitely get them inside were the moist mucous membrane will easily gather the germs and help them grow. This is what happens in sore or pink eyes. Therefore always clean hands and do not touch impulsively.