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Why Are Bicycles Considered To Be Environmental Friendly?

As we travel/drive down the roads we witness the many disturbances caused to the environment in many ways. Not by anything else but y the numerous vehicles that are journeying themselves down the roads. However, not all vehicles cause trouble to the environment like they do. A bicycle for instance is the most harmless vehicle that has been ever invented. Not just that, but it also comes with many side benefits too. So why is this type of vehicle considered to be environmentally friendly? Let us take a look below.

Household emissions and traffic

If you are a major contributor of household emissions to the environment, it is not a fact to be proud of. In fact, you are most likely to be putting the environment around you in peril than others. Did you know that riding a bicycle to work can reduce these household emissions? A change of 6% in this case is completely in your hands. Therefore, rather than becoming a major contributor to it, you can save the plant by reducing 6% of the total emissions and if everyone can take this step, the world becomes a better place. Not only that, it also has the ability to reduce the traffic on the roads which makes us wait for hours just to get to the other block.


Of course, the health benefits are quite obvious as cycling takes up quite a considerable amount of energy and stamina from your body. No matter if you ride giant bikes or a small one, the effort you put in to pedal it is the same and therefore in turn gives your body plenty of required exercise. So why not make cycling a habit? It will be highly productive and useful for the long run.

Noise pollution

The best part about this vehicle is that it causes zero noise pollution. Not just kids bikes but even the ones that adults or grown men and women ride cause absolutely no noise pollution. Harming the environment comes in various ways and noise pollution is one of those and if we can minimize it by the use of bicycles, why not give it a shot? After all, it is our plant and we need to protect it in the best way possible.

Saving lives

Did you know that every year the world loses 33 000 because of car crashes? However, only 667 die when they are riding bicycles. Although it cannot be completely wiped off, at least the number is very low in the latter part. So, why not take the safety measure of riding a bike? Take care of yourself as well as your neighbours.