Event To Do List

If you are put in charge of an event, you will have to start by doing several things to ensure it all goes your way. Listed below are a few factors you can add to your to do list.

Date and venue go hand in hand

First decide on the date, a date that is convenient to everyone and then it is time to look for a fabulous venue. You might have to make a few adjustments to the date, depending on the availability of the venue. This is why it is very important to select a date as early as possible, this way you won’t be prone to any disappointments in this regard.

Guest list and RSVP

Once you are done with the venue, you will now have to start with the guests. Depending on the venue, and the amount they can accommodate, your guest list will vary. You should start by preparing invitations for the most important guests first, and then go on to the others. Make sure your invitations are ready and printed well before the event, at least 2 weeks prior so that you can send them out as early as possible! Don’t forget to include the conference venues in the invitation, and the date and time. These are highly essential.

Food and catering

Having gotten your guest list ready and understanding what sort of guests you are to expect, you need to plan your food menu and the catering accordingly. If the guests are of older ages, then what you would expect teenagers to enjoy isn’t something they would like. Therefore, give plenty of attention to the menu that you come up with and talk to the caterers or the chefs to get their opinion and come up with a final menu that will be both enjoyable and very appropriate. Don’t forget the drinks and open bar!


Finally, it’s time to focus on a large part of any event. That is the entertainment you will be providing for your guests. Now, what you need to keep in mind is what sort of event this is. If it’s a wedding at a warehouse wedding venue, then the entertainment you choose will be different. If it’s an official event such as a product launch, once again the entertainment you choose will be very different. The sort of music you choose will have to appropriate and depend on the audience that turns up! Give careful thought to this aspect and be very careful with your band or DJ choice!This list covers the very main aspects of any event, and following this will help you calm the flow of things.