Things To Avoid Before Going Cycling

Safety comes first, and it it’s not just about wearing a helmet. What you consume before leaving might also affect you in a negative way, which some people are not aware of. Then what are the things we have to watch out for? Here’s a few:

The food you eat

It is indeed very important to eat before leaving on your ride. Your body needs the carbohydrates, since cycling is also an exercise and will consume a lot of energy. However, what your body does not need is fatty food and food high in fiber. A lack of carbohydrates in your body should also be avoided since your body needs the fuel from the food you eat to help you ride your bicycle. Also, give your body some time to digest the food you consumed and have a small break before getting into your cycling clothes and starting your journey. Click here for more ideas if you are looking for comfortable cycling clothes. 

What you drink

The solid stuff isn’t the only thing you should be watching out for, but the liquids too. Fizzy drinks are the liquids you should definitely avoid. They are generally known to be unhealthy, but it is mostly suggested not to be consumed before exercising.

Drinking a cup of coffee before your ride would be a normal thing to do, but try to avoid consuming an excess amount of caffeine. Having some coffee would actually be good for you before riding, but limiting it will always suggested.

Everyone knows that water is crucial before, during and after cycling to keep you hydrated. However, refrain from consuming too much water. There are health conditions that could be caused by drinking too much water before exercise. Therefore, drink only when necessary but also keep yourself sufficiently hydrated.

Leaving without caution

Examining your bicycle before leaving is a must. Any malfunctions that could be present in it could cause accidents, which could endanger yourself as well as the other people on the road. Also make sure to wear suitable apparel which will provide more comfort and support while riding.
Another thing you should not do is to leave before knowing how to reach your destination and without informing someone where you would go. Since cycling is different from other forms of transportation, you won’t be able to use your mobile device or anything else while riding. Have an idea of how to go and always be alert during your journey.

Cycling is an exercise, a form of transportation, but it is also a fun activity. Enjoy it and ride with care.